What does the paddle surfing excursion in Granadella consist of?

The paddle surfing excursion from Granadella is a fun excursion that you can do with your family or friends. The excursion starts at the Granadella cove itself, the instructor will explain everything you need to know so that you can get straight onto the paddle board and know what to do. Paddle surfing as such is very simple, the only complexity it has is balance, that is, the important thing is to keep your balance, it is the only thing that saves you from falling. Although it is also true that falling down is a lot of fun and guaranteed laughs.

After having all the training, we get on the paddle surf board and guided by the instructor, he will take us to the cove in caló. This cove is only accessible by sea (which makes it even more special) as very few people can access it. There are no crowds, there are no people in the cove sunbathing, only visitors who come by kayak or paddle surf boards and the truth is, this cove is amazing. Nothing to envy to the Balinese paradise.

After visiting the cove in caló, we will visit on the paddle surf board the cova del llop marí, a beautiful deep cave where snorkelling is a must. After visiting both beautiful areas of the granadella cove, we return with the paddle surf board to the place of origin, the granadella cove.

Paddle surfing route in Granadella cove with the family

The paddle surfing or stand up paddle excursion is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful activities you can do with your family. This is a quiet excursion on the boards where you will admire and discover the surroundings of Cala Granadella, Cala en Caló and the cova del Llop Marí, one of the areas known as the caves of Jávea, admired by all those who visit them.

It is recommended to do the excursion with children over 6 years old so that they can stand upright on the board and therefore enjoy the activity to the fullest.

How can I book the paddle route to Granadella?

If you want to enjoy the paddle surfing excursion along the coast of Jávea, the best option is to make a reservation through the link below. You will also see all the details of the excursion as well as the availability.

Duration of the paddle surfing excursion in Granadella cove

The paddle surfing excursion lasts approximately 2 hours. During this couple of hours you will enjoy the experience of being on the paddle surf board and discovering the wonderful surroundings of Granadella.

What is needed for the excursion?

The main thing you need is to be in the mood to have a blast! If you already have that attitude, just keep in mind that you will have to go on the paddle surfing excursion with a bikini/swimsuit, sun cream and booties/cranks. All that will be enough to enjoy this excursion.

Can children do it?

Of course! The paddle surf boards are suitable for all ages, so there is no problem for the youngest members of the family to enjoy this excursion with the family.

The best way to get to know Granadella cove, paddle surfing

Undoubtedly, one of the best options to get to know Cala Granadella and the coast that surrounds it is to do it on a paddle surf board. A unique experience in an idyllic setting Come and try the paddle surf trip from Granadella!

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