I imagine that if you have arrived here it is because you have heard or have been told that parking in Granadella Cove is one of the handicaps that this beautiful cove has, right?

Well, you should know that this should worry you if it is high season, that is, if you are going to visit the Granadella cove in June, July, August or September, if you keep reading all the information I’m going to tell you because you need it 🙂

If, on the other hand, you are going in the low season months, not parking at Granadella should not be too much of a problem, as the number of visitors is much lower and parking is generally easy.

Parking in Granadella: Mission impossible?

Parking at Cala Granadella in summer is quite complicated as this beach in Jávea is so crowded that the car park fills up very quickly. Therefore, if you are going to the cove in the summer months, I recommend you to go early in the morning, the first time is around 8:00-9:00h. If you arrive later, parking will be difficult.

You should also bear in mind that in high season, in the summer months, there is an access control at the top of the cove, just as you start to drive down to reach Granadella At this access point, what they do is that when the cove reaches 100% occupancy according to its capacity, it closes, and until someone leaves, no one can enter.

Therefore, as soon as you pass the access control point, you must go to the 3 areas that have been set up for parking. Beware that you may arrive and see that there are cars on the side of the road “badly parked”, I recommend that you do not do the same, it is possible that if your car is not in the parking area, the tow truck may take it away.

Where to park in Cala Granadella?

In Cala Granadella there are 3 areas where you can park your car or motorbike, the first is in the area of the ravine, then in the car park next to the Granadella restaurants and finally in Pic tort street.

In the graphic below you have the 3 marked areas so that when you go to Cala Granadella you know where to park your car.

How can I pass the access control at Granadella?

As I said at the beginning of this text, in high season before reaching Granadella Cove you will find an access control point to Granadella Cove. This point is enabled in summer to control that the cove has the permitted capacity, that there is no overcrowding and therefore a good control of the people who enter.

It is very common in the summer months to arrive and have to wait at the access control point for someone to come out before you can enter, so one of the things they do allow you to do is to go down to the Granadella cove if you have a contracted activity in the cove. Such is the case of the kayak excursion from Cala Granadella.

Activities in Granadella